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Aspiring young artist Vo Van Trong Sinh discovered his love for painting when he was a young boy. However with odds against him, becoming an established artist would no doubt be a challenge.

Due to the loss of his mother at 6 months of age and the extreme poverty conditions that surrounded him, Sinh was placed in an orphanage where he spent his childhood. After leaving the orphanage at age 15, Sinh worked as a waiter earning little over $1/day for seven days/week. Having just enough money to eat and live, it was difficult to obtain even the most basic art supplies.

Sinh’s situation changed in 2006, when he joined the Lifestart Foundation Jobstart Program. Aware of Sinh’s motivation, optimistic energy and potential, Lifestart enabled him funding to follow his passion. He moved to Ho Chi Minh City where he studied alongside well-known professional artists, and quickly developed his skills. Through hard work and determination, Sinh talents are now recognized both locally and internationally.

sinh with kids
Sinh teaching Lifestart kids

Sinh donates 10% of his proceeds back into the Foundation. In addition, he has worked as a volunteer art teacher at the Lifestart Foundation Free School for disadvantaged children – a role he hopes to continue in the future.

Sinh's story by Karen Leonard, Lifestart Foundation
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